Perhaps the saddest joke of vanilla X3 for player-operated ships, M4+s were the aborted love-child of M3s and M4s. While it sounded good on paper (yet another incremental “in-between” step, has to be useful, right?), the fact was that M4+s had few advantages over their smaller brothers. They are, indeed, capable of mounting a handful of 25MJ shields, and with about double the shield recharge of the corresponding racial M4 (i.e. Boron Pike vs. Boron Mako) both in vanilla and XRM, but this came with a hefty decrease in speed in the olden days. Thanks to XRM, though, they have been improved enough to make them viable, but not enough to be overpowered; specifically, the speed reduction between corresponding M4/M4+s is not as drastic, and the weapon capacitor is beefed up. Cargo bays remain the same, though, namely that they are about the same capacity as their race’s M4.

As a Player's ShipEdit

You might be better off staying in an M4 until you can get to M3 -- the loss of raw speed hurts most players, as player-controlled ships tend to benefit much more from the strategic use of thrust in combat situations.

As an AI carrier-launched fighter or wingmanEdit

Perhaps the only thing going for M4+s is that they have the same, if not slightly better, maneuverability than their little brothers, both in vanilla and XRM. Combine that with the increased shielding, and M4+s are best used as close-in carrier escorts -- you won’t be intercepting anything with them at range, but anything that comes nearby will face the wrath of a swarm of pesky M4+s, whose shields give them longevity and decent steering can keep them bearing down on targets, while their substantial energy banks will allow them to undock, begin spewing laser-y death across the battlefield, then redock as necessary to recharge more quickly (you ARE using a carrier command script/mod such as ADS and set the Docking Computer back to S-size, right?).

Sortable ListEdit

M4+ Heavy Interceptors
Name Race Class Speed Accel Steering Hull Shields Shield Reactor Turrets Laser Cap Laser Rchg. Cargo Cargo Class Hangar Price
Elite Argon M4+ 160 49 59.36 13,000 2 x 25MJ 550 0 4,500 76 120 L 0 1,619,083
Pike Boron M4+ 195 65 57.2  ? 1 x 25MJ 399 0 4,350 65 208 L 0 797,068
Solano OTAS M4+ 210 65.52 53.2 5,200 3 x 25MJ 605 0 5,000 85 102 L 0 1,261,300
Theseus Paranid M4+ 177.6 48 55.8 6,500 2 x 25MJ 525 0 4,750 82 110 M 0 1,399,885
Asp Split M4+ 225 108 53.8 10,400 1 x 25MJ 220 0 2,450 61 108 M 0 1,337,617
Kite Teladi M4+ 135.8 37 38.7 4,200 4 x 5MJ 265 0 2,050 51 140 M 0 1,809,548
Tonbo Yaki M4+ 224 87 44.5 4,550 1 x 25MJ 525 0 4,750 82 126 M 0 2,014,751