As the name suggests, M3Ss are yet another increment of the Fighter scale, with this one specifically attempting to combine the ability to reach out and touch someone of M4s/M4+s with the offensive power of an M3. That said, they are implemented into the mod as more or less a direct upgrade to the M3. While their weapons capabilities are slightly less than their race’s M3+, it is still improved over the M3; their shielding, cargo, and speed are better; about the only thing they sacrifice is ease of purchase, as they are quite expensive. Of special note is that - with regards to the Commonwealth, at least - the Boron fail to have a functioning example of this exceptional class.

These are among the best additions to the X3 fighter stable, as they possess a good amount of speed (typically about as much as, if not more than, their race’s M3 base) while not shirking on the M3 class’s good shielding (usually being more heavily-shielded than the equivalent M3, in fact). These are best summarized as being to M3s what M4+s should have been to M4s -- a faster ship with about as much, if not slightly more, forward firepower, intended to dash out and take out enemy fighters. In many regards, M3Ss are probably the single-best anti-fighter fighter, simply due to having the punch of an M3 but maneuvering characteristics similar to the respective M4, if not M4+. There is probably no reason, unless you simply lack the funds, not to use these as your go-to fighter.

As a Player's ShipEdit

Faster than M3s but still packing the same punch, this is probably going to be the peak fighter-class ship that you can use. While not quite able to keep pace with its cousins the M4 or even the slower M4+, it will outstrip most M3s in a flat-out race, meaning that if you tire of singlehandedly obliterating enemy squadrons you can always just turn tail and take a breather. Their ability to take on capital ships, compared to their baseline brothers, are naturally improved as well, given that while they may not have the raw offensive power of M3+s, they can move faster and take fewer hits while still hitting as hard as M3s.

As an AI carrier-launched fighter or wingmanEdit

The M3S is, if not quite as fast, more heavily armed, and more heavily shielded than an M4+, making it very good as an anti-fighter fighter -- certainly better than using the equivalent M3 or M3+. Additionally, their use as a capital ship harasser, if not actual assaulter, is equivalent or slightly better than a wing of M3s.

Sortable ListEdit

M4 Interceptors
Name Race Class Speed Accel Steering Hull Shields Shield Reactor Turrets Laser Cap Laser Rchg. Cargo Cargo Class Hangar Price
Buster Argon M4 1320 80 120 2000 2 x 1MJ 1000 0 10,000 500* 35 S 0 Not for sale
Mako Boron M4 427.8 202 60.7 900 2 x 1MJ 75 0 1,350 34 15 S 0 73,732
Kha'ak Interceptor Kha'ak M4 354.6 314 67.5 600 3 x 1MJ 100 0 600 15 27 S 0 Not for sale
Pericles Paranid M4 375.6 171 60.8 1,000 3 x 1MJ 100 0 550 14 76 S 0 92,561
Scorpion Split M4 469.6 302 54.7 1,600 2 x 1MJ 85 0 1,200 30 30 S 0 133,095
Buzzard Teladi M4 280 85 41.2 1200 1 x 5MJ 65 0 1,000 25 104 S 0 550,949
Sabre Terran M4 458.5 225 57.6 1,300 5 x 1MJ 130 0 5,000 25 100 S 0 61,802
M Xenon M4 360.7 142 80.5 2400 2 x 1MJ 70 0 800 20 62 S 0 Not for sale
Raijin Yaki M4 413.2 189 63.8 1,030 3 x 1MJ 100 0 550 14 87 M 0 211,758