Do you ever find yourself jumping into a sector and thinking to yourself, “well, golly gee, I sure wish I had a ship that carries so many fighters that I could exterminate every vessel I see and level every station, without even getting involved myself”? The M1+ Supercarrier is the class for you. Boasting the largest hangar bays of the game (which is only fitting), carrying shielding and armor second only to M2+ Battleships (which, after all, are designed to be the strongest direct-combat ship), and actually carrying enough firepower of their own to match or exceed their race’s M7+ Heavy Frigates, if not their M2- Destroyers (Light Destroyers, if you can’t bear this author's renaming scheme), these monoliths are the bedrock of any true would-be admiral of a player’s fleet.

Also able to carry a small detachment (typically 3 ships) of the subcapital classes (Corvettes, Bombers, TPs, TMs, and TSs), the fleet carried by one of these behemoths are oftentimes larger than any given enemy invasion fleet, and sometimes larger than sectors’ defensive fleets. The tradeoff is that, as one might predict, they are tremendously ponderous, being slow in both a straight line and while turning. Since most of an M1+’s dirty work is done by its fighter wings, though, this isn’t all that much of an issue.

As one might expect, M1+s are also blessed with their race’s largest cargo bay, short of TLs themselves. What this means for you, as a burgeoning commander, is that you can carry an extensive array of ordnance for your fighters and/or bombers, or even use it as an erstwhile logistics ship in a massive fleet engagement with a little help from a Transporter Device. Your Strike Ships will never run out of Heavy Missiles nor Torpedoes again!

As a Player's ShipEdit

If you’re going to stay in your M1+ during fleet actions, prepare yourself for a fairly removed participation in the combat proper. Granted, this is probably going to be a welcome respite, as by this point you will be monitoring and directing somewhere north of several dozen fighters and subcapitals in their dance of death. M1+s are tough nuts to crack, between their tremendous shielding and all-turret weapon configurations that can lay down a hail of fire towards anything foolhardy enough to close in -- and that’s before your fighter wings join in the fun. As an important side note, you should consider using one of those subcapital slots to carry a spare M6 of some type that you can hop in, especially if you want a part in the action.

As an AI-controlled commanderEdit

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Sortable ListEdit

M4 Interceptors
Name Race Class Speed Accel Steering Hull Shields Shield Reactor Turrets Laser Cap Laser Rchg. Cargo Cargo Class Hangar Price
Buster Argon M4 1320 80 120 2000 2 x 1MJ 1000 0 10,000 500* 35 S 0 Not for sale
Mako Boron M4 427.8 202 60.7 900 2 x 1MJ 75 0 1,350 34 15 S 0 73,732
Kha'ak Interceptor Kha'ak M4 354.6 314 67.5 600 3 x 1MJ 100 0 600 15 27 S 0 Not for sale
Pericles Paranid M4 375.6 171 60.8 1,000 3 x 1MJ 100 0 550 14 76 S 0 92,561
Scorpion Split M4 469.6 302 54.7 1,600 2 x 1MJ 85 0 1,200 30 30 S 0 133,095
Buzzard Teladi M4 280 85 41.2 1200 1 x 5MJ 65 0 1,000 25 104 S 0 550,949
Sabre Terran M4 458.5 225 57.6 1,300 5 x 1MJ 130 0 5,000 25 100 S 0 61,802
M Xenon M4 360.7 142 80.5 2400 2 x 1MJ 70 0 800 20 62 S 0 Not for sale
Raijin Yaki M4 413.2 189 63.8 1,030 3 x 1MJ 100 0 550 14 87 M 0 211,758